What We Do

Training You to be a Responsible Alcohol Vendor

While selling alcohol for off-premise consumption, Colorado law requires that you ID anyone who appears to be under the age of 50. Recognizing the valid forms of identification is only one of the important skills you will learn in our Responsible Alcohol Vendor program.

We will also incorporate your establishment's policies and procedures into our training material when we conduct training for you.

Certification cards will be provided to all employees who successfully complete the training and pass the required exam.

Additionally, we will provide the names and dates of the certification to you and your employees and to the liquor licensing authority for inclusion in your file.

By law, Colorado Complete Compliance retains records of everyone who has completed our Responsible Alcohol Vendor Training program for a 3-year period of time following initial certification.

Your Certification will be active for a period of 3 years


That in order to conduct a lawful tasting in your Retail or Liquor Licensed Drug Store, the person conducting the tasting must have completed a Responsible Alchohol Beverage Vendor course?

That as a result of changes to the Colorado Liquor Code as of July 1, 2016, all Liquor Licensed Drug Store employees that are engaged in the sale of alcohol must obtain and maintain certification as a Responsible Alcohol Beverage Vendor pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes §44-3-410(6)(b)?

That as an incentive for licensees to provide training for servers and because server training has proven to be an aid in the reduction of violations, Colorado law provides for reduced penalties on the first violation of a sale to minor for licensees who have completed a Responsible Alcohol Vendor program?

Frequently Asked Questions

You should plan on approximately 3 hours for our training program. Timing will vary based on class size.

Yes. In order to be certified as a Responsible Alcohol Vendor, you must pass a written exam with a score of at least 70%. Don't worry; the class will cover everything you need to know to pass the test AND be a responsible alcohol vendor.

01-04: contact us for individual pricing
05-10: $45 per person
11-30: $40 per person
30+: $35 per person

Training is typically done at your location. Other locations can be arranged as needed. You will never pay an additional cost for travel. We will come to you.

Please contact us for information on classes that are open to individuals.